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Is there a law in oklahoma that says you cant rent adult porn movies at movie rental places?
I was going to recomment the new video store in my town to get adult movies as I heard the more demand the more likely they will add a adult section. My brother said oklahoma isnt allowed to rent adult movies in movie rental stores. Is that true?
Hi how come Xbox LIVE Market doesn't have Adult movies rentals?
Hi I come tired from work & I work @ a family restaurant. When I get home from work, I sometimes I play Xbox LIVE or watch movies rentals on my market. Specially on Hi-Def picture. Why not?
Because the guys lie about their age enough already just so they can play mature rated content or get on Xbox Live without the parental controls. If they put they are over 18 then they are liable to look at any adult content, including adult movies. Im sure most parents don't mind that their guys play games with people getting shot up, etc. But I'm pretty sure the parents would draw the line at porn.
Need the name of a business in Cranberry Twp, PA - its an online adult movie rental place.?
Im not a perv - they were offering internships and I cannot find the ad.
Just visit them if you know the place.
Best online adult movie rental?
I've heard about websites that are like netflix, but porn....does anyone know of any of these sites, also which one would you reccomend?

Good website.
Does your local movie rental shop have an adult section?
Mine has one row it's at the top in the middle of the new releases, I accidently rented this adult pirate movie thinking it was the pirates of the carribean. All the same I would still give it a thumbs up.
I know Blockbusters doesnt but Movie Gallery does. We also have a Doctor Johns here in our town which is the hard core stuff and lingerie and toys and such!
Online movie rental websites?
I am looking for an affordable online movie rental store that offers unlimited movie rentals thru the mail that also offers games and adult rentals.
I have looked into netflix, blockbuster, intellflix, gameznflix, dvdavenue, and quikfliks. so far none of those offer both adult movies and games.
Any ideas?

in these websites you can watch movies for free
I would like to open an Adult Movies Sale and Rental Store. How can I find a space for rent and do this?
I am currently selling these Movie on ebay, and they sell pretty well. Therefore I want to take advantage and do it bigger and better. I would also like to include pay per view booths, toys and clothing.
Check with your local zoning board to see if this type of business is limited to certain areas of your locale. If they are, you will need to find a location to rent in that area. If not, find a store front in a well-traveled area, apply for a business license and get ready for the large amount of protests that will come your way from area residents who would prefer that you don't locate your store in their area.
Just found out my Finacee is spending lots of money renting On demand Adult movies!?
I know many people think looking at porn is not cheating. I do not think it is but my fiancee and I agreed that it interferes with sex life and gives one partner unachievable fantasies!

He use to look at it all the time but it became an overwhelming habit. He agreed he would not watch it but just now when I was going to rent a movie and check my recent rentals I saw all these Adult movie rentals. I didn't say anything to him. He is asleep and I don't wanna jump the gun.

Any thoughts?

I wanted to wake him to yell but I decided to take a few breaths - its not so much about the porn its more about the money to be honest and him sneaking around . He doesnt go on the computer to look anymore because he doesnt know how to delete the history. lol
So when he wakes up, talk to him about it...

...and hun many fantasies are 'unachievable' (or not wise to bring to life)...that's why they are fantasies...not watching porn does not stop men from fantasizing about good looking, thin women (or whatever kind of women turns them on) or about "nasty behavior"...the porn just keeps them from having to use their imagination as much...
Adult DVD Rental service, and regular movies.?
Does anyone know of a realiable DVD rental service that offers adult movies, and regular release movies? I would prefer to hear from someone that has used the service they are recommending. I used to use intelliflix, but there service is horrible.
try dont know about the porn though

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