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Asian Cheerleaders?
I am 15 5-4 104lbs and cheerlead Does any of the girls in siganpore,phillipines,mylasia think they could pin me if we wrestled?
Your are small or medium built. The Asia economy is doing very well, and the new generation of Asian is quite well built. Some of the bigger girls will give you very good challenge in wrestling. So I think it is not a definite win situation for you.
Do cheerleaders like asian girls?
there are lots of footballers like hot asian girls but mostly cheerleaders act not really nice. they like "who the hell she thinking she is?we are americans and cooler than asian" of my asian friend has this problem.what ur opinion?
there's not much respect or credibility for cheerleaders to begin with, so if there's any jealous or animosity then it's the cheerleaders trying to find just another trivial thing to pick on, in hopes of making themselves feel better and superior; but in actuality, cheerleaders are tools to be used in the eyes of jocks, so i wouldn't worry what cheerleaders have to say about anything.
Why are Caucasian NFL Cheerleaders Always Shown When Coming Back From Commercials??
You always see the camera man shooting the white cheerleaders but never Afican American, Hispanic or Asian Cheerleaders.Is there a specific reason???

Would NFL fans rather see white cheerleaders?

Occasionally I may see an African-American cheerleader but that is it.
They should....when I'm watching an Eagles game they rarely show cheerleaders but when they do about 95% of the time it's a white cheerleader.I guess WE need to put the sista's wherever the damn camera is.
Why do asian and blond girls fight a lot?
Growing up in school there was 2 groups of girls that fought all time, the blond cheerleaders and the Asian girls. The asian girls won 50% and blonds the other 50% of the time.
lol asians are good, they are tough! People think asian girls/women are soft....nope mess with one and you see the other side.
Who was the asian cheerleader in the movie "Not Another Teen Movie"?
just wondering because everytime I watch the movie I always wonder...
Joy Bisco
What are the chances of an asian guy dancing with a cheerleader?
ps. i just wanted to say, i helped those chances tonight!!!!!!! cant believe i did either.

so on with the question, what are the chances of an asian guy with a cheerleader?
haha you have a chance believe me. i am a cheerleader, and most are not as shallow as we are portrayed in movies. as long as you can dance and you are confident of your abilities, you have as much as a chance as any other guy! good luck! :)
Where did all the Cheerleaders come from in the Pro Bowl?
They all look Asian. Why don't they have a pro Bowl for the Cheerleaders? The best of the best only get to attend. Or maybe have the best cheerleader for every team to attend. I don't like how they chose I presume to be all Hawaiians. Your thoughts?

BQ: Who wins tonight? AFC or NFC
No they're still sexy hot.
BQ: By the looks of it AFC but GO NFC
Would they hire an Asian girl at Hooters?
I was thinking about applying there. But I get the impression they are only looking for the bleach blond cheerleader type. Do you often see Asian girls working as waitresses in the USA restaurants?
Of course they are hiring Asian girls. They want to please all the men and men have different tastes in women. So they need Caucasian, Asian, Black, Jewish, Catholic....whatever. All you need is a pair of nice breasts and a good a**. :-)

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