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When you go to a gay bath house how do you find someone with a big dick and let them know you want to suck it?
mega plex providence. Im thinking about going
you just told me frank...
Do gay men like big *****?
If I was bottom I wouldn't want a big penis shoved in my butt but I wonder if other bi or gay people feel the same way.
if youre sex crazed yeah.
How big should your dick really be?
I am not trying to be gay or anything but i just need to know and if you are wondering my dick is 6 1/2in.
DON'T say "gay" in the manner that you just did. It's politically incorrect.
Biggest dick...just who has the biggest...not a gay thing haha?
yeah self explanetory...just for a reason
Andy Dick.
Thoughts on dream interpretation about naked gay men in the shower with big *****?
Okay so i had a long complex dream but the only part i couldn't interpret was this; i was taking an intimate shower with this girl i have a crush on. This group of men came in and started taking a shower next to us. They all had HUGE *****, like massive. The farthest one, or the one closest to me was looking at me so i turned and bent over and kissed the end of his dick, ya no suggesting i wanted more. and he was like "im gay" then turned away. when i turned back the girl i was taking the shower with got really pissed off and left me. What do you think all of this meant? I guess i would say im pansexual. if that helps, and im only 16.
As a male, I often find the dreams of females to be uninterpretable.

I note that a truly gay man is "safe" for females, but why was he looking at you? (ask him). Was he bi?

Perls Frederick Perls…

"You are the broken down car, you are the bridge, and you are the dusty book. Perls rejects the notion that dreams are part of a universal symbolic language. He believes that each dream is unique to the individual who dreams it.

In order to discover what aspect of yourself is being disowned, Perls believes that it is important to retell your dream in the present tense and act it out accordingly. It is important to verbalize how each and every component in your dream felt, even inanimate objects. Reenact the dream and take on the role of the different characters and objects. Start a dialogue with the dream object and express how you felt toward each other. By taking on a different role within your dream and reenact it, you may then be able to acknowledge and realize feelings that you may have overlooked or buried. Your dream literally comes alive"

More about dream interpretation is at… (see page 2 re bi/lesbian chat & advice on coming out) but we are both males, so you may benefit from reading a number of PSYCHOLOGICALLY BASED (not mystic mumbo jumbo) books by females. I read one good one, decades ago. Try the searchbars at & and/or a Google search: "dream interpretation; books; female"

Psychologists, anthropologists, psychiatrists, ethnologists, and historians generally agree that around 10% of people are born with a strong heterosexual bias; 10% strongly homosexual, and the rest of us are basically bisexual, with ultimate sexual expression largely determined by societal, and peer group pressures. Check out…

You may be a female who needs to try some different options before deciding what your preference is.
Does having sex make your dick bigger?
I keep hearing "no it doesnt", "its not true. only by sergery etc. But how can that be? I mean my cousin had sex alot, and he is big. no gay stuff or anything. but most of the porn stars i see have big... you get the point. what im saying is that all im hearing is bullshit. and i want to know does sex (with a girl not your hand) really makes a male big. and how. im 14 by the way.
Not true. If that were the case, Ron jeremy would have a schlong two feet long

and don't go by porno standards; those guys were immense to begin with
I'm a straight guy and I enjoy dating women, but I feel attracted to a big dick. Id never date men. What am i?
I am a straight guy almost addicted to sex and pleasing women. I love a woman's body and every little curve about it turns me on. I jack off probably 4 times a day, even when I have sex I still usually do it once or twice. When i watch porn gay porn turns me off. Lesbian stuff turns me on. But mostly I like seeing a man with a big dick and a beautiful girl and I wish I could be there and have sex with her but watch him with her as well, and maybe just grab his dick, but not suck it or anything else. Wtf is with me? Im also grossed out by men kissing or having sex, etc. What am i...
Heteroflexible. :)
I want to suck a big dick?
i'm a 16 year old boy, i'm not gay but i want to suck a dick to see what it tastes like?
your a cutie.
you could suck your own dick
or go on a dating website and find a gay guy that wants his dick sucked.
How can I tell if im gay?
HI my names john and i have red hair, i like big ***** in my *** but i dont know if that means im gay? please help?
alright, first cut your self and get ready for a crazy guy to come over. he will shove his dick into you, which will be woundfucking. if you like this, get a mangina, and take it all day long.

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