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Had sex and my period started next day. What is the cause of this?
I have two sexual partners at the moment and every time I have sex with guy A, my period starts the next day. This is the fourth one in 6 weeks. I don't understand why it only happens when I have sex with guy A. I had the Paraguard IUD inserted in January. Could this be the reason why? It's just too bizarre for me to comprehend. And it hadn't happened before in the past until after IUD insertion. But why doesn't my period happen after having sex with guy B?
After orgasm there are the spams of the womb so the period comes immediately... otherwise i do not know why...
Vaginal bleeding after orgasm?
I'm 16 (judge all you want), a virgin, not on any form of birth control, yet I masturbate (no vaginal insertion, just clitoral stimulation), and I have this problem where I bleed after I masturbate. It only bleeds for an hour or two, but the colour is different from my period's colour, its a really dark red. I read this thread on Women's Health, but all of the women on there with the problem were on depo provera, but seeing as I am not on any form of birth control, I thought this was really bizarre. It's a really disgusting and infuriating thing, and I don't want this to happen when I actually start having sex. What do you think is going on?
that answer from John is good, I have ever bled after Mr B8 10 except when I had a hangnail or toy malfunction. [BF with BAD nails] so I can't be of self descriptive advise. I do have a Lady GY no that I can ask anything in the world. w/ out a problem ,SHE laughs sometimes though., which is Good,too. She taught me K E G E L when I was 8 to stop bed wetting. worked in 3 weeks. now I am 23 totally WET bed is a good thing???.using the same things she taught me .K e g e l . I Mrb8 on my period and get loads of discharge with orgasm sometimes, and a frw dasy after ti can still happen. I hadvehad ovulation spotting and the activity was noticeable during 0rgasm. Don't stop Mr b8 10 because of it . try inserting a tissue in the vulva so you may remove it after an see what AREA it stems from. High or low .smell it ---old period musty ---or sweet like new blood. take a week of cranberry juice [real good stuff] or eat them raw like I do and ad pineapple juice to your morning rituals. to sweeten up you bodys smells in general .It also adds to the healing powers of normal things.

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