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Why do white women **** black guys?
Im curious as to why women of white origin seem to increasingly have sex with males of african origin. Being neither of these ethnic groups i believe that i have a fairly neutral perspective of the situation.
A gay guy's view: sometimes real love, sometimes just for attention or to make a statement to friends or parents. Sure, black guys have a rep for "size".....but many are great in bed more because of attitude: ones I've known are very uninhibited, not worried about anything except the moment and having a good time and are always ready for more (most black guys I know can't be given a label as gay/straight/bi - they're just horned all the time and go with what's around) . But girls get pregnant and boys don't.
I am black and both my parents are white, what the ****?
I did not realise i had a different skin colour at first untill i was 7. When i got picked up by school by my parents everyone watched me and my parents. First i thought it was natural. But then i realised only black people can have black guyren. Now i am 13 and i still don't know what happend. Suggestions ?
You were adopted or it was a recessive gene maybe???
Why don't Pakistani Indian girls in America and UK marry black and white guys?
They **** around with white and black guys, they don't sleep with desi guys, but for marriage they always want desi guys.

These girls forget about their past or pretend it never happened and ofcourse they never tell the guy that they chose to marry, because desi guys would never get married to these types of women.

******* everyone but someone of your own race makes you a selfhating whore, but that doesn't bother me, what bothers me is that desi girls chose to marry that desi guy that at an earlier time of their life, they didnt' want to be seen with, let alone **** with.

Its okay, if you are not attracted to people of your own race, or if you think that desi guys are not cool or hip enough to sleep around with, but atleast be proud to be a whore and then marry that white or black guy that you **** around with.

I write this, because I really want to know and I am pissed off because a good friend of mine has to go through with this ****. My friend was engaged to this Pakistani girl that was born here but he finds out that she still has a boyfriend that she is fuking around with and calls it off. Now this this girl is angry and talks **** about him even though he was the victim and it was all her fault.
Perhaps they want to marry someone who is most familiar with their culture.
Black men with white women?
why do them black men always gotta go **** them white bitches
Kway... really now? Why are you cloning me to prove your bogus, asinine point?

Cocoa Butter: I'm starting to realize that... Wow, I'm so flattered LOL
**** The Pain Away Music Video?
I refer to the black and white **** The Pain Away music video. Is it Peaches thats actually in the video? Or was it fan made?
Yes, that is Peaches. I remember seeing that on MTV.
Is it weird to be mixed( half black and half white) and not be attracted to full black girls?
like i have a couple flirting with me. they are kinda hot but im not attracted to them all like that. i mean yeah i think they are cute but i wouldn't **** them and want a relationship with that normal or no?
Your probably going to get hell for asking this one buddy lol. But you like what you like, don't let anyone make you think it's wrong, I say this as a girl o ethnicity. I'm not fully black either.
Do white women allow men to get away with more than black women do.?
My boyfriend and I was having a discussion on how some say that a white women has a higher tolerance for **** up than a black women. I have seen black women go through just as much as the next. My theory is we are all the same some will allow more some wont not because of there color but because of whom they are.
I haven't done any reseach on this topic. However, I have heard MANY Black men say that White women allow them to get away with much more (lying, cheating, abuse) Black women do. They also say that White women are much quicker to sleep with them, give them money, let them drive their cars, etc....
Why did my xbox break? black screen with moving white dots?
it was running perfectly and right after i purchases another year of xbox live it breaks? of course my warranty is expired so 120 to fix it? **** you Microsoft, you make cheap plastic ****. you just lost another customer to the quality over quantity sony company.
Why do you ask a question to which you don't want an answer?

Enjoy the sub-par online play.
Why do many people think all biracial people look black?
I am asking this because I have seen that everytime a mixed guy does not turn out looking black people like to say either this parent is not the dad or they are just lying!! Here is a picture of a guy who is half black and half white and he does not look black!!! **** he is lighter than Michael Jackson guys!!!

Martin Gore
yaa im half black half white and i have very light skin with green eyes and smooth wavy hair and no one sees me as black, just mostly white because i look that way. i know a lot of biracial people and some look black others look white. it depends on your parents genes i think
Black, asian, hispanic, or white women?
hey u guys im just wondering which groups of ladies can u see yourself marrying black, asian, hispanic, or white women. Most guys said asian and or hispanic becasue they think latinas and puerto ricans are hot lol but they said they can see themselves ******* black women for sex becasue black women have big booties but they wouldnt marry a black women and they said they wouldnt marry a white women becasue white women resemble dogs and they are trashy and ugly they said white women also like to suck many cocks and spend a sh*t load of money on clothe sand shoes but anyways yahoo i want your opinon oh yea and i realize race doenst matter but i hear guys talk about race alot and i must wondering what race of women can you see yourself settling down with and explain why
I could see myself marrying one of those Black women you haten on. They are hard to get and hard to hold but yeah I could see myself marrying them. But if I met the right Asian, Hispanic, or White woman yeah I could marry her also.

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