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What adult cartoon has a black & white mom like a big/muscular dad,a guy(gay?) & a black girl(looks like fox?
tv show, rated mature, idk wat station or anything, i have dish, but the mom is in black and white and the idk wat show it is, anybody know?
It's a bit different from what you described.(They aren't a family.)
But I think you're thinking of Drawn Together.…
Is there a Mature Content Filter on Black Ops?
So I wanna get Black Ops really bad but my mom said I can't get M games unless there's a filter so I was wondering if there was a filter like World at War? If there is what does it block out? Like all the swear words and the blood? P.S I have a PS3 .... Thanks!
Yes it does block out the f bombs and the blood and u no all the terroist terms but if u play live they swear on there and theres blood when u die but.... yea
How do I convince my mom to get me Call of Duty:Black Ops at age 11?
I don't know how to convince my mom to get CoD7. I'm really mature and don't get why I can't play it. Would it be really bad for 11 year olds even if you turned off all the blood, gore, and language? PLEASE help me find ideas to convince my mom to get me Call of Duty:Black Ops at age 11?!?! (Positive comments please!) Thanks
If you have any other violent games, try showing your mom that these kind of games don't affect you. To be honest only WaW was good with history facts, not Black Ops entirely. You could also say that you have many friends that play (hopefully they're mature) and that you really want to play with them. And yes there is an option to turn off graphic content so that's another +1. As your last move, you could possibly show her the game and just hope that it's not as bad as she thinks.
How can I convince my mom to get Call of duty black ops?
Okay I'm 13 years old And all my friends have black ops and they said it was fun so I want to play black ops to especially on multilayer online
Whats the point of internet if your not going to play online?
I also want to get red dead redemption for Christmas
I know my mom has the money And I got 3 A's in my school and 2 B's
Also I know its a game and I'm pretty mature
Tell her all your friends have it and you feel left out. If you really need to tell her theres a censorship option for most gore and language (Only in campaign don't mention this).REmind her of your grades if you really need to. They all worked for me a few years ago.
Call of Duty: Black Ops Mature Content FIlter?
My mom bought me Black Ops for my birthday but then seriously considered returning it when she saw the "Strong Language" "Intense Violence" and "Blood and Gore".

Black Ops has a content filter, right? What does it filter out? Please be specific!
ok dude so i just went back to my xbox 360 and turned it on..played black ops on the filter settings.
Blood is kinda less and bad language is also erased and censored .so i think you are good to go...
i better be getting the best answer :P
How can i convince my mom to get Call Of Duty 4?
I'm 11 and im really mature. My mom has been strict what i play. I have halo reach but i want a new COD. I dont have the new ones. All my friends have it. But my mom wont get me it. My Dad doesnt care. i asked for L4D 2 but no because of the gore. I want CoD Black ops too. HELP!

I Havent asked her yet for this!
Show her gameplay for COD:BO and include the difference in the gore levels between it and other games like say... Left 4 Dead! COD really doesn't have that much core. just a little blood splatter. Also, you need to let her know that it's the real world, not some fake zombie thing. Make her understand that it's something going on in the real world that everyone knows about. even Halo has some gore.
Is COD black ops alright for a MATURE 13 yr old?
my mom thinks im not old enough for this but she got it for me anyway shes considering getting rid of it due to the graphic violence but considering i play bfbc1+2 aliens vs predator and halo (ik its minor) im wondering why in avp u can rip peoples heads off with a spine still dangling on it with gore going EVERYWhERE im just comfused... i understand that war is real and not 6... but she seems to think so
i think yuo should see your grades. if its good go ahead and buy it. but dont let your baby sister or brother see it if you have one. i am 14 and mom lets me play it so i think your sshould
also b4 i got an xbox my mom thought that if i played shooting games, i wwould be a murderer or terrorrist but she was wrong
Is Call of Duty Black Ops suitable for a 13 year old?
Hi I'm 13 and trying to persuade my mom to get me Black ops. I have a 4.0 GPA and I'm very mature and thoughtful when it comes to military games.
I'll say a few things on this. 1: i've been playing "violent" games since i was younger than you and i havent turned into a serial killer. Games dont make people violent, violent people use games as an excuse. 2 and most importantly though: This is a decision that is fully up to your parents/guardian. While that might not be what you wanna hear its the truth. Some parents are cool with certain things and not others. Personally i think if they let you watch Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, or anything along those lines then a game like Black Ops shouldnt be much different. If they dont, well then i'd pretty much give it up.
Can i turn off the mature content in COD: Black Ops?
Because its the only way my Grandma and Mom are going to buy it for me. LOL
Yes, before you play, it asks you if you want the gore and language. BTW, it is only bad in the campaign, in online, there isn't that much blood.
My mom doesnt want me dating a black boy but i like one?
he's a really funny guy. we're locker neighbors, and he's super sweet and good looking. he's not from trash family, he's been raised well, and he doesn't speak in 'slang' or talk about being black or beating people up. hes a good guy.

i personally don't care about race, but my mom doesn't like black guys. she does, she just doesnt want me to date one. she's given me countless lectures on this, but i can't help being attracted to somebody. we're both fifteen and mature.

so what should i do?
Tell your mom that if she wants to see you happy, then that's the person you want to be with. Tell her that as much as she doesn't want you to be with a black boy, you still want to be with him. (that is if you do)

Explain that you two really like each other, and she's not going to be able to stop how you feel about him. Therefore you're gonna stand up for yourself and tell your mother that you are going to date him. Okay?

If she's not going to let you date a black boy that you like, ask her how'd she feel if you dated some other guy who wasn't black that you didn't like? and had to spend the rest of your life with? how would she feel if she loved someone that she couldn't be with? isn't it heartbreaking?

good luck.

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