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Black women: Are you flattered by all these new lip plumpers that other women use?
I AM haha
I am not flattered at all! Who cares about people and their lip plumpers? If they want fuller lips, then thats their personal choice. Not big deal.
Black does it feel to have thick full lips, ageless bronze skin, and nice round butts?
You don't ever have to worry about aging fast. Your beautiful bronze skin absorbs the sunlight.
Your never have to use lip plumpers or get lip injections because your lips are already plump and full. You also already have perfect hour-glass shapes.

How does it feel ladies?
That's a perfect example of why I have a strong preference for black women.
Lip Plumpers and one more question!?
I've heard of products like Lip Venom and Very Voluptuous lip plumpers..but I've also heard everything from... Lip Venom gives a horrible stinging feeling but gives good results, to, don't buy it, it doesn't plump lips and it stings way to bad!

What lip plumpers have actually worked a majority of the time?

(My 2nd question is, anyone who owns a Scion TC, are your monthly payments below $400, is it a car worth buying in a manual, and if anyone ordered theres from the factory, because I want black and the lot doesn't have black on it currently, how long did it take to get your Scion? Any other info. is great. :))
I have never actually used this product, but my friends were raving about it. Elizabeth Grant Skincare's Collagen Lip Plumper.
I searched it and found this info:
This amazing lip plumper goes on like a gloss and gently plumps your lips with collagen and Torricelumn, without the burning sensation. Available at

I don't know about the 2nd question, sorry!

Hope this helps =D
Lip Plumpers and Another Question?
I've heard of products like Lip Venom and Very Voluptuous lip plumpers..but I've also heard everything from... Lip Venom gives a horrible stinging feeling but gives good results, to, don't buy it, it doesn't plump lips and it stings way to bad!

What lip plumpers have actually worked a majority of the time?

(And I'm just going to include my 2nd question here.
So anyone who owns a Scion TC, are your monthly payments below $400, is it a car worth buying in a manual, and if anyone ordered theres from the factory, because I want black and the lot doesn't have black on it currently, how long did it take to get your Scion? Any other info. is great. :))
Try Sally Hansen's lip plumpers.. a cheaper alternative that works.

And I have no idea about the second question haha.
Black Women only want to look like White Women?
I just talked to a Mr.Bigot on some blog and I want to know if people really think that black women want to look more like white women and not vice versa.

Brazilian Butt lifts / Underwear with butt pads
Lip Plumpers / Botox:lip
Perm / Extensions

Relaxers / Jap Staightening / Extensions
Bleaching Cream

My opinion is that each race covets from the other...what is yours?

**I am not racist, I am not being aggressive towards anyone of any race ILY all, Lets turn the Elephant in the room into the Ant in the room. Lets see what others think about this topic, lastly the reason why I am posting does not concern YOU! Just answer the question or move on PLEASE*
I really understand what you are saying. I think each race does covet the other, just like each woman covets the other. We all have this perfect image in our head of what beautiful is. I also agree if we never met whites relaxers wouldn't exist the standard of beauty would have been held within our own race. Not that meeting whites and other races were a bad thing lol but when we met them our standard of beauty expanded, we all must admit when we see a bi-racial chick with just the right mixture of features it really is a beautiful sight. I really concur with what you're saying its just so sad that in US the only way we know how to conduct ourselves when an uncomfortable topic arrives is to point fingers and call names and show a lack of respect.
Is my face good enough for modeling?

Alright, I get told reasonably often that I'm a good enough looking girl. Usually the people telling me this are my friends and family. So, I wanted to know what everyone else thought. I'm 15 and half black, half white and do not use lip plumpers (sometimes people think I do). As far as my body goes, I'm a size four in jeans (because, honestly, I have an *** like Kim Kardashian ((big)) and pretty broad hips) and I wear medium tops (because my boobs are 36DD). I only have headshots right now because this was spur of the moment. So, just judge my face.

There has been no appearance enhancement on these photos, just digital camera noise removal to make them easier to see.

I'm not quiet sure if I wanna be a model, but I'd like to know how good looking I am if I decided I did want to... model. I actually might wanna be a playmate when I turn 18.

Anyway. Please, don't be too mean =[
You're FIFTEEN?!

*Crawls back under the ugly rock*

Sigh. Yeah, you're freaking gorgeous. Please do something with your looks. Don't waste them.
Why do white women generally reject their ethnic features?
Like the crooked high nose (EXCLUSIVELY a Caucasian feature) I've seen many that get it shaved down :(
Tanning to look like us Asians or Latinas. (Your Mediterraneans are mixed with Arab and northern Africans, in case you didn't know. Giving them a slightly different coloring)
Dying hair black and straightening it pin straight like we have naturally (straight, jet black hair is exclusively our trait, sorry dears)
Your "hottest women" like Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox getting "Asian" eye surgery for our attractive almond shape eyes.

On my other question, a black girl said that you get butt injections and lip plumpers as well.

Note: If you would like to point out the fact that many Koreans get double eyelid surgery, "double eyelids" are not an exclusively Caucasian trait. In fact, most Asians naturally have a double eyelid.
because frizzy hair, pasty skin, a flat azz and a nose the size of vegas aint hot. look at all these white chicks comin out with the 'jealousy' comments yet when people say this shyt bout asians and blacks everyone like, "its true! its true!"
What do you think of my makeup collection (read detail)???!!!?
Hi, can you tell me if this is a good makeup collection? Please mention details, and add if i put in some variety possibly? I'm 13, but please dont add any comments about me not needing this, because i have permission to wear and use this makeup i, here is my collection:

For face (foundations)
1 covergirl liquid foundation in ivory 410
1 covergirl liquid foundation in ivory 405
Almay tlc liquid foundation in ivory 120
NYC smooth skin liquid makeup
2 mineralize skinfishes from MAC-both full
3 studio fix powder plus founations from MAC-2 full, 1 half full
2 neutrogena mineral sheers compact powder foundations-both full
1 sephora matifying compact foundation-full
1 sephora mineral double compact-full
1 neutrogena cream powder makeup-full
NYC smooth mineral loose foundation powder-(i use for summer because it is dark on my skin tone)
1 lancome (paris) dual finish-versatile powder makeup (i bought at sephora)
1 bareminerals sunscreen plus founation (i bought at sephora)
1 covergirl pressed mineral founation-half full
1 neutrogena mineral sheers loose powder-3/4 full

Face (powders):
1 rimmel stay matte pressed powder
1 nyc smooth skin pressed powder
1 covergirl loose powder
1 bareessentials mineral veil(i bought at sephora)

Face (concealers):
1 sephora builable cover
1 loreal true match
1 selectmoisture cover from MAC
1 loreal HIP illuminating highlighter
1 rimmel hide the blemish concealer
1 neutrogena concealer kit
1 loreal de-crease

Face (blush and bronzer):
1 MAC powder blush
2 bare essecential blushes (bought at sephora)
2 sephora blush me's!
1 covergirl cheekers
1 estee lauder blush pallet containing 2 blushes and 1 bronzer
1 cargo blush(bought at sephora)
1 NYC bronzer
1 sephora bronzer


Eyes (eyeshadow):
12 MAC eyeshadows
15 sephora eyeshadows
2 sephora eyeshadow duos
5 rimmel trio eyeshadow sets
2 loreal HIP eyeshadow duos
1 loral HOPE cream eyeshadow duo
1 cream eyeshadow (set of 4) from revlon
1 revlon colorstay (set of 4)
1 Flirt! eyeshadow in gold
1 almay trio set for hazels
1 wet n wild cream eyeshadow

Eyes (mascara):
2 covergirl lashblasts
1 covergirl lash extact
2 rimmel eye magnifyer mascaras
1 spinlash
1 almay lengthing mascara in blue
2 loreal voluminous'
4 covergirl lash extacts
4 covergirl fantastic lash
1 loreal double extend
1 sephora lash plumper
1 MAC mascara x
1 MAC splashproof lash

1 covergirl black eyeliner pencil
2 revlon colorstays (black and brown) soft eye kohl pencils
4 revlon exaggerates (3 are green, black, and brown in soft eye kohl, and 1 is pencil and is brown)
2 jumbo eye pencils from sephora (blue and green)
1 glitter pencil eyeliner form sephora (liner electro in blue)
1 wet n wild green eyeliner in kohl pencil
1 wet n wild green liquid eyeliner
1 NYC liquid eyeliner in black
3 black eyeliner pencils from sephora (brand new)
2 brown eyeliner pencils from sephora(brand new)


6 gilly hicks lip colors
3 gilly hicks lip conditioners
9 gilly hicks lip glosses
2 maybelline shiny licious
2 sally hanson lip treatments
4 beauty rushes (lip gloss from victorias secret)
4 rimmel lipglosses
2 rimmel shock glosses
4 nyc lipsticks
1 MAC lipglass
1 prolongwear gloss coat from MAC
4 lip lasts from sephora
2 instant lip plumpers from sephora
3 mini lipglosses from sephora
3 neutrogena lip soothers
1 loreal lipstick
1 mint lipgloss
1 almay lip gloss
4 covergirl wetslicks
3 jumbo sephora lipglosses
4 lancome (paris) juicy tubes-(bought at sephora)
2 color lip fusions (bought at sephora)
2 maybelline lip plumpers
1 estee lauder lip liner
2 nyc lip liners
2 maybelline define-a-line lip liners
2 mode lipglosses
3 justice lipglosses
That's a lot of makeup. Do you really use all of them? Especially at 13, the more makeup you use, the worse your skin will look when you are older!
Which of these mascaras is best for Asian eye lashes?
I looked through a lot of the questions people already asked and read through reviews and all that and so I came up with these choices.

1. Cover Girl Lash Exact Waterproof Mascara - Very Black
2. Cover Girl Lash Blast Waterproof Mascara - Very Black
3. Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara, Volume & Length - Very Black
4. Maybelline Full n Soft Waterproof - Very Black
5. Maybelline Lash Stiletto Waterproof - Very Black
I know they seem the same but please :D

I'm Asian (Korean) its not like my lashes are non-existent like some Asians but they aren't long or full. Just normal, maybe even shorter and thinner than normal.

I want something that does not smudge, black, waterproof, and long lasting.
I have dark brown eyes if that matters at all.

Whats the different between very black, blackest black and soft black? Which one should I use if I want my eyes to look lighter or prettier?

Please give me the best choice from one of the five I picked and not some other random one. Thanks.

P.S: This doesn't have anything to do with mascara but lip plumpers. Does Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker work? I was thinking about getting peach or nude. Thanks.
Truthfully, all mascara seems to work the same (unless they're the crappy samples), even if they boast about their lash intensities and their blackness.
Even if there were a difference, from the distance, no one notices anyways, so I'd get the one that is cheapest of the listed, or has the longest handle for better application.

Btw, I think all humans have lashes. All asian have lashes too, but they might be like yours and thin too, so it may be percieved as non-existant. Unless of course you were joking, then. well. lol.
Do I have a nice enough face to model?
Alright, I'm 15 and I've been told reasonably often that I'm decent looking *humble o.o*. One of the men where I get my hair done even tried to get my mom to get me into modeling. Since I /do not/ believe my friends (for obvious reasons; they're biased), I wanted to ask people who've got no feelings for me or anything.

Mmkay, I only had time to take a few pictures today (headshots), so here they are:

I look a little run down >.< I just got home from school.

Here are some other things about me:
I'm half black, half white. I'm pretty pale for a half black person, supposedly. That explains the lips, kinda. I /do not/ use lip plumpers!
The only editting done of these pictures was digital camera noise removal because they were a little fuzzy. (they still are)
As far as my body, I'm a four in jeans and I wear medium tops because I've got *cough* big boobs *cough* >.<'
I'm not smiling because I've got braces right now (I get them off in a few months) and so I'm a little uncomfortable smiling right now >.<

Please answer honestly, but don't be mean =;[
In all honesty,
-I think you definitely have the potential.
-You should at least try it out and see if you even like modeling.
-You should smile more :]

peace <3

©, black plumpers