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Do transexuals women have wigs on or grow there hair out?
Just wondering are they wigs or there real hair. We already know this question for the black transexuals though. lol.
It probably depends on the transexual. I think usually its natural hair since no one wants to wear a wig all the time...
How come transexuals never go for Asians?
Now i have seen some sexy transexuals that i wouldnt mind dating and i consider myself straight. but a lot of them are straight forward and say they're only into white guys or just black guys or not into asian guys. why is this? by transexuals i mean male to female ones.
I'm trans and I once dated an Asian guy. Broke up, but I did.
Are there any straight black crossdressers out there has any1 ever seen one or know of one?
i know there are black transexuals duh and black drag queens but i don't know if there are any black crossdressers. I only ask b/c there are a lot of man who crossdress and one day my future husband might be a cd and i want to be prepare so i do a lot of research on the topic but i've notice something...every website and support group for cd and their families the cd have all been white so i have to ask or there any non-white cd i already know the ans. duh of course there has to be but just to be sure i have 2 ask....any black ones?
and remember cd are straight men that dress up as woman they don't want to be woman (there are exceptions)
how do you know if your future husband will be black?
he could be white
or asian
Why do black men have curvy bodies?
They have large lips, round buttocks, and basically curvy bodies. As a Vietnamese transexual I often mistake black men for fellow transexuals. Why are their bodies so voluptous?
RFLMAO!!! You keep "bringing the funny" today...

I think you need to go to one of the gay or transsexual sites and find a Black man.

The answers you seek are not on Yahoo! Answers...
Transitioning from a white male to a black male?
in the same vein as male to female or female to male transexuals how would one go about becoming a black male
Forget that, Bubba. Don't you know that filthy rich entertainment stars can't even get that done - and if it were remotely possible - they would have had it done by now.
Is there a website that is like myspace but for adults and transexuals?
I have always been attracted to transsexuals especially black bbws transsexuals and i was wondering if there was a site like myspace or face-book for me to meet and get with them???
Do you think lady gaga has a obsession with black men?
i was just watching her perform on tv and she had this black guy rubbing up all against her it was apart of her performence but the last like 10 performces she had like 2 to 5 black guys rubbing up all over .

im not racist at all but i didnt think they liked transexuals
I didn't know she was a trans. Really? Err..not. We're black guys, there exist no race of women on Earth, who doesn't find us attractive.
God made people gay,transgender,black,white--w… you like to know why?
i think god made people gay,transgendered,black,white,etc, because he was about peace and love. so i think he made us this way because god wanted us to come together, despite our differences, and learn to love each other as a family--gods guyren. im a transgendered girl and i dont feel like im sinning, because im not. thats why, because god wants us to love each other as family. i can only imagine what bigots would say when they got to heaven and see it full of gays and transexuals.
I don't believe there's any "reason" Why we're gay, we just are. I do believe God celebrates diversity and individuality. He made right and left handed people, he made people of different skin colors, hair colors, eye colors. He made people who live in deserts, mountainous areas, plains, rain forests...

We're just people.

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