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I have a lump in my breast that feels like a rubber bouncy ball and is a little bigger-no pain?
I have had this lump for at least 10 years but I never got it checked because I gained weight and thought it went away. Now that I have lost a lot of weight I feel it again. If it were cancerous wouldn't have already killed me? I think it's probably just a cyst but I'm gonna tell my doctor anyway to check it out. What are your opinions? Anyone go with undetected breast cancer for that long without treatment and survived?
It sounds like a cyst. If it hasn't gotten bigger through all this time, it's probably benign or not even a tumor, just a cyst. Cysts are very common in breasts, I've heard.
Ok Im 26 a guy and i really really really want breast like a girl. How can I achieve this?
I really want boobs, and to fill a 38c bra. I have taken zoft breast gum and it works to a degree but then nothing after that. I want full round bouncy breasts. How can i get them?
Be smart and stick to breast forms.
How to know if the breast is healthy?
what are the things to take note off to know if the breasts are healthy? is firm breast health or bouncy breast healthy ?
chicken breast is delicious!!!!
I found a breast lump the size of a bouncy ball?!!?!?
I just found a breast lump roughly the size of a bouncy ball directly behind my nipple?! It was NOT there a week ago...What's going on??
How old are you?
It could be just your glands or even a fibroadenoma.
All breast lumps need to be seen by a gp, book an appointment asap but don't worry!
You'll be fine
My breast are ridiculously bouncy!?
My breast are extremely bouncy when I walk, my breast jiggle a lot.
I am a fast walker. I do wear supportive/tight bras. I have tried
adjusting my posture, as well. Can any one tell me why this is and
what could help? Thanks very much.
Try exercising your pectoral muscles and get a better bra.
Who has the bounciest breast in WNBA?
i.e you can see her breast bouncing, while she is running, inc nipples and such.
what the hell? you high?

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