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All Comments

How can I find a brunette lesbian with blue eyes?
my friend really wants a girlfriend, but they're just so hard to come by in california.

god i wish i new a brunett lesbian with blue eyes that would be HOT!!!
Lesbians: which would you prefer blonde or brunette?
Brunette does it better! :)
I'd have to say brunette, hands down! There's something about dark haired women that's kind of...smoldering. I never really understood society's fixation with the yellow hair.
Would a blonde blue eyed lesbians fancy a brunette with dark eyes?
or do you prefer similar.
opposites attract..I love brunettes and dark eyes make me melt..
Gay Guys (Or Lesbians): Blonde Brunette or Red-Head?
Ok so I noticed this question is around alot, but i've never heard any ask it to the gay community. Soo which do you choose? I prefer Brunet...and Blond..(partially because I'm blond myself tehehehe) :)
They can all be hot, but I do kind of have a thing for hot blondes. That's only with the girls, though. I tend to be equally attracted to dark-haired guys.
LESBIANS: im tall brunette, tan, have green eyes and athletic body(4 pack). ?
do you think i would look good with a belly button ring?
As long as it was professionally done and didn't get infected and gross. Belly button rings are cute as long as they're not dripping pus.
When a blonde lesbian and a brunette lesbian are doing it, which would you rather see being dominant ?
the brunette could be asian or hispanic
If the brunette was white, brunette, but otherwise blonde.
Lesbians: What kinds of lesbian girls are you attracted to?
What kind are you attracted to? Like, the guy dressing one, or the lipstick one, or the short muscly kind???
And WHAT KIND ARE YOU yourself?

E.G. I'm a tall short haired brunette whose really into sports and im attracted to cute,soft, smart, toned, medium height caucasian girls with long hair. That're really loud and outgoing and talkative!

And also, would any lesbians here be attracted to the muscular and sporty/kinda buff girl type? Because i know im not.
I'm attracted to they quiet, shy, mysterious type. I love it when a girl is mysterious and hard to figure out. I'm not really attracted to super buff or super girly girls. Athletic would be a plus, but it's not necessary. I like edgier girls, but again it's not necessary. Personality is key for me. Someone who's intelligent and easy to talk to once you get past that shy exterior. I'm not really attracted to loud and outgoing girls because I'm very quiet and reserved, so I'm afraid that we'd have a clash of personalities. I'm an old school romantic at heart, so someone who is genuinely sweet mixed with all the other things I mentioned would melt my heart.
I am a lesbian and i need a sexy brunette girlfriend?
How do i find one? And i want one that likes to be kinky and use toys. Suggestions?
For starters, get off the computer and go out and meet some people!
Did anyone notice that majority of lesbian couples are blonde/brunette combo?
...or any shade of dark hair/light hair...I find that cute and wonder why is there such a pattern. Any thoughts? Are the brunettes more in charge and the blondes the humorous ones? What do you think.
err not really. I'm a redhead and the girl I'm seeing has pure black hair with a pink streak through it :P

and my friend is has dark blonde hair and her gf has light blonde hair.

Although when you think about it, there aren't that many hair colours out there and the most common are brown and blonde, so i suppose that has a lot to do with it.

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