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How to get over exboyfriend FAST?
I don't like or want to be with my exboyfriend...But everything i do or all the music i listen to reminds me of him! I am not going to not listen to these songs because i love them, i just want to stop thinking about him! he harrasses me and made me feel like **** and i have to block his screenname so that he won't Instant message me the terrible things that he says. I used to be a little overwieght and he instant messages me saying hey fatty, fat ****, etc. and it really bothers me. Please help!
The best way to get over a guy is with another guy ;)

Actually time is the best way. As cliche as it is breakups are hard no matter what.
Why is my ex being so bitchy?
My ex is sooooo annoying me by the second!!He keeps talking to a girl who he liked while we were dating(he started liking her after our first break-up)then i started to get jealous cuz he liked her more than me,even though he loved me and was dating me.In school,when he was talking to her he talked loud like"SO??DO YOU LIKE KASIA CUZ SHE IS UUGLY!!"Then Sydney would laugh at his jokes about me.He was so pissing me off!Until one day he embarrased me in front of the whole 6th grade and i nearly exploded in anger.I grabbed his leg and he tripped...hard.Faceflat xD people were laughing some people yelled"yea Kasia!!Good job!!"I felt good that i did that now he knew how he felt.But he still kept annoying me!!Ughhh he made faces at me and taunted me.He is trying to hook him and Sydney up.Like go out and blah blah.He asked Sydney out and she said no.When i heard that from my friend,Jenny i nearly fell down cuz i burst out laughing and i yelled"KEVIN GOT REJECTED BY SYDNEY!!!!"I cried so hard and my face was all red.The whole time i couldnt stop.When i saw my boyfriend(Kevin)i bit my tongue but the laughter came and i exploded and Kevin got soooo mad!!His face went all beet red and when i saw,i just laughed harder and some people laughed at Kevin for just standing there like an idiot.Then Kevin yelled"**** YOU FATTY!!"and he stomped away.Why is Kevin being so bitchy?Is it cuz he's still not over our break up or something??
Wow he needs to seriously grow up :)
and yeah he is obv not over you or he wouldn't be trying so hard to be so annoying,show him that your over him by enjoying time with your friends and ignoring him he'll soon get bored and hopefully grow up

Good luck!
I'm so angry :( .?
Today is my 13th Birthday.

I went to sleep last night at about 3:00am.
My Dad promised me he would take me out and buy me band shirts.
When I came downstairs at 12:00pm, he said that he wasn't going to because it was too late.
I got really angry and said that all of my birthday presents were disappointing.
Then my Dad went up to bed.

I got a heart necklace and on the necklace its got in capital letters, "MUM" and it really pissed me off.
So I gave my necklace to my Mum since it had her name written on it.

Then my Mum said that it was meant for me to put a picture of her in the necklace thing. But I wanted to put a picture of my dog that passed away....

Then we got into a argument and as usual my dad stomped right off to bed slamming the door.

When I was eating chips - my brother came downstairs and he called me fatty and fat **** and fat **** and the fattest person in the world.
Then I left the chip packet on his laptop and he came and hit me in the head and left me bleeding.

I'm crying right now I really hate my life. I can't even have a good day on my 13th birthday.

My friends were meant to be around today but I canceled it because I don't really want a party .......

What should I do. I'm crying right now and I hate my life...

PS -
They didn't even buy me a birthday cake
Well, in case no one said it, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

And let's try better for next year. Next year, make a list of the things you WOULD like in the order you want them. Give that to your parents at LEAST a month before your birthday and make copies of the list so they can't say they lost it. Remind them of the list. Parents can't read minds, and to get what you want, make it very easy for them.

The next time your dad offers to take you shopping, get an exact time from him so he can't play these "You're too late" games. Does he works shifts so that he has to sleep in the day?

There is nothing you can do about your brother, I'm afraid. That's how they are. I had 5 of them.

And no matter how upset you are, never cancel the friends. They are the ones who can CHEER YOU UP!

So, I'm sorry this birthday went so badly, but let's plan ahead for the next one to be better, in fact GREAT! And use the plan for Christmas too!

13 was a hard time of life for most of us. It will get better. 13 is just about the worst it can get.

And again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
15 year old brother is really mean...?
He bullies me. It's not just the normal brother who reads your diary, it's much MUCH worse.

Early in 2006 my brother started this weight loosing process.
He never ate anything bad, no chips, chocolate, soft drink, etc etc.
And whenever somebody were to eat those type of things, he would go off his head and get really angry and call you fat - 'fatty, fat, fat ****, fat ****' etc etc.

If you threw a chocolate at him, he would thrash you.

Once, I accidentally broke his internet, and he came up to me and he beated me up. He punched me in the temple more then 10 times - and I felt so dizy, sore and I couldn't stop crying.

If you call him fat, he'll be like, 'Look at you, you're the fat one, your fatter then me' And if your like, 'Your fatter then me' he'll go up to you and thrash you !!

I seriously think he has anorexia or some type of weight problem, all he wants to do is be skinny!!

It's gotten to the point where if you through food at him, or if you eat food near him, he'll ask somebody if he has gained weight/eaten anything bad. That's eating disorder behavior.

He's VERY violent and he is proud to say he bullies guys at school.
I'm so fed up with this and I really want him to stop bulling me, other guys and TO STOP BEING A SELFISH, SELF CENTERED ********.

Please help!!

I'm 13 if that helps and my brothers 15.
YOU call him fat.
YOU throw food at him.
YOU broke his internet.

You may not want to think it, but it is YOU starting it. Smarten up. When you're 13-15 you think you know everything and aren't doing wrong. You can't say I don't know because I've been there before, and I have younger siblings and such around that age doing the exact same thing.
Just leave him alone, YOU'RE being the bully.
What should i do about my weight? (15 and sad)
I’m 15 & I’m going to be in the 10th grade this year and i have recently gained alot of my weight back since i lost it and it makes me extremly upset and also makes me NOT want to go out side, plus it makes me feel suicidal ugly. And ppl bring it up to my face too, my grandma calls me fat and or makes rude comments and so do my friends even though there insecure as **** too. When i first lost weight i ate like a piece of cracker or so and worked out ALOT. but then i stop and then before you know it I’m almost back to where i was. i eat healthy but how in America can anyone stay skinny nor to a healthy weight with all this **** they put in our food. i mean if you REALLY want to eat healthy you'll have to eat organic which is expensive or die of starvation. Plus I’m sick of being over weight. I've been over weight all my life and for once i wish my genetics would **** off and let me be happy. I just want to be healthy. i want to have mostly an athletic build but i have did an ab lounge, lift weights and work on my thighs for weeks and yet nothing happened but disappointment. Are there any natural foods (actually natural) that help with weight loss? any herbs? drinks? metabolism speeders? so on? and as for exercising, i have no energy AT ALL nor motivation even though i do eat fruit and veg...PLEASE HELP!!

i just want to be healthy and happy, and able to stay that way with out foods fatty **** always after my body...

and i have asthma...that hates my very existance....what can make it feel like i dont have it anymore?
I'm sorry your family and friends are so unsupportive. I think you will start to feel better about yourself if you can concentrate on losing weight to make yourself healthier, instead of others teasing you about your weight.

Organic food is good, but if you can't afford it, it is possible to find cheaper, conventionally grown food that is nearly as good for you. Try to avoid high fructose corn syrup as much as possible. It's a pretty sure sign that something is highly processed cr*p and not nearly as good for you as it might claim. Read ingredient labels and try to buy only foods where you recognize all of the ingredients.

Also, be sure to drink lots and lots of plain water (6-8 glasses a day is recommended). Water has 0 calories, but fills you up just like any other thing you put in your stomach, so if you drink a glass before every meal and instead of having a snack, you'll eat less. Staying hydrated also keeps your body healthier in general.

Also, concentrate on eating lots of plain fruits, raw or "al dente" vegetables, and whole grain breads. Treat meat, eggs, and dairy products more like condiments than the main course, and get low-fat and lean cuts. Animal products are one area where it's best to go organic and/or grassfed if at all possible. Keep apples, bananas, baby carrots, and similar foods around to eat as snacks when you get hungry.

For exercising, start slow. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, go for evening strolls around your neighborhood on nice days, etc. Try to do at least one thing daily "the hard way" and it will quickly become a habit. I often get impatient with elevators and escalators, actually - if I'm only going up one or two floors, I'm much faster on foot! Then do two things, etc.

Hope this helps a little.
Why wont my ex leave me alone?
He wont stop texting me abusive texts these are some of what he has said " Your Fat" " You`re a fatty" "You **** your daddy" You **** you dodgy" "You have a big fat wannabe black ***. You are fat that's why i dumped you and cause i have better tastes"

Other texts along those lines too i have no idea what his problem is cause i didn't met up with him or have sex with, he changed all of a sudden after i told him that i had a boyfriend while seeing this guy and that's when the texts started. He seems to think that i still like/love him but i don`t ....

How can i get rid of him before ringing vodafone and paying a $1 for the call to block him!!!? Any ideas would be very helpful
Take this VERY seriously. Obsessive verbal abuse and harassment like you're describing can turn suddenly into violence. Report this immediately, and save the messages so you'll have a record of what he's doing to you. Speak to your parents, teachers, counselors, the police... He deserves to face consequences for this abuse, and he needs to be stopped before it escalates to physical violence. Now.
The Easiest Question EVER?
I'm writing a book about a poor teenager who moves in with distant rich relatives. This is a first draft(next draft I'm going to add more details, change a lot of words, and spell check) of some of a chapter I wrote where the main character meets with his cousin Leon, who becomes his mentor sort of in the book, but is this good?

"You must be Kurt, I'm Leon." a voice said assertively. "Let me tell you a little bit about my family, okay?"

I just stared at his forehead, he had a "p" shape birthmark on his forehead, it was hard to avoid it.

"Look at my eyes when I'm talking to you, it's a birthmark not a damn tattoo." he yelled

I immediately tooknotice of his sharp blue eyes, "Okay,sorry"I replied, "Please tell me about your family."

"Well my dad's a major real estate agent, so as you can see we're rich, my mom's dead, died of a overdose, no big deal." he said it in a cold hearted tone, as if his family suffered so much he could no longer feel pain. "I have four brothers, three sisters; my oldest brother Lucius doesn't come around, after he turned twenty one he just left, my secound oldest brother Carl comes home from college every now and then. Oscar told me he meet you so I don't have to tell you about that fat ****, and call him Fatty if you want. Morgan..." I interrupted

"Why do you hate him?"

"Who?" Leon look surprisingly puzzled.

"Oscar, you called him 'fat ****', I bet if he heard you call him that it'd hurt him"

"He's used to it" he replied and continued, "Morgan is my oldest sister, by two years, she finished high school a year ago and I doubt she'll go to college after summer's over, she's such a brat she'll probably leech off my dad til he dies." He had an instant smile on his face, "Sarah is a plastic surgery *****, I have to tell you this..." he paused and laughed a little. "Ever since we were guys she had always wanted to look like a super model, when we were teenagers she wanted plastic surgery to look like some popular girl in school, but my dad told her to wait until she was eighteen to have cosmetic surgery. When her eighteen birthday came she gave her face a major reconstruction, now she's nineteen and has changed her face at least three times."

"Wow." I said in astonishment, "Do you have a picture of her, I'm curious on how she looks now."

"Nope, but go in her room, there's a gold picture frame with a picture of her in it" he walked outside my room and pointed, "Her room is far down the hallway, first door on the left." He then left sight.
it sounds like a good base but is there a real point for the plot. a book without a strong reliable plot that has a point and purpose isnt a good book. it sounds REALLY interesting but just make sure ur plot has a point tht will fill an entire book. keep writing! :D
What can I do to keep my brother from being mean to me?
My brother is 3-4 years older than me and I'm 5' 4" and he's 6' 1". He likes to tease me because of my acne, and calls me fat, he'll tell me I'm ugly and retarded, he calls me a lesbian, a dumb ****, a ********, ugly *****, fatty, fat ***** etc. He hits me, kicks me, steals my stuff, talks about me to his friends, diss me in front of other people to impress them. He'll call me over, most of the time I won't come, but whenever I go near him he'll either tease me, hit me, or say I'm harassing him even if I just walk pass. I tell my mom and she just says to stay away from him, and I try but the only rime I can be away from him is school, if I'm not in the house or if he's not in the house. Even if I lock myself in my room he'll just open the door with a credit card and come in. If I try to stay away he'll come to me. Example= if I'm in a room upstairs say, watching tv, he'll come in turn off the tv, steal the remote or just annoy me. I've tried hitting him back but he'll hit me back twice as hard so I don't do tha because it really hurts. Is there anything I can say or do in these situations to keep him away from me or keep him from hitting and teasing me?
He sounds like a 10 year old to me. One day he'll learn that all those things he says is utterly stupid and will eventually stop. In the mean time you can either take it all in and suppress your anger. Or ignore him when he teases you and act like you don't care what he says (this will probably infuriate him and he will push HARD to annoy you, ignore him and call him an idiot he might end up losing interest). Another thing you could do is if you are overweight try and lose weight and show that idiot up!
Here's something funny?
why do girls get mad at girls with fake tans and **** like that with fake boobs.

there like eww so fake ew im goth no im skater no there preppy bitches okay preppy is not mean mean is called mean and theres stuck up and well think. and whoever calls them selves preppy emo goth skater punk etc. is a ******* idot and i hate girls like the hater most guy hate them too so women with ******* ego issues **** yall and i answered a question THIS GUY ASKED WAT MEN PREFER LIKE 5'6 and hot sexy weight and stuff and these angry women started saying **** you u perv and shallow *** hole it shouldt matter well i guess the would date fat bastard from austin powers even thought thats a made up chacrter so calling someone shallow like that then they would **** fat bastard hu h

I SPEAK FOR ALOT OF guys and only women usually hate jessica simsphon the didnt do **** to and dont critize her fame u fatty *** holes who hate paris to **** yalllll.. which men agree and women to.Best Answer - Chosen by As
hey I can answer the question to the person who wants to know what an emo is... emotional! ha... :)
the rest? I doubt I speak for all women... but geez... if you ask a guy what do men prefer? you will get their shallow little answers.... all pyshical... no depth.... because that is as far as most of them think that question thru... we do not get "mad" at the girls (unless it looks really horrid) we get mad at the guy!! hello?? we want to know that looks may not always be as important.. since we already share our bfs, husbands and friends with the Jessica Simpsons of this world.... and get to hear how hot they are... well... maybe we would like to hear we are the one that is hot? think about that? we are jealous or mad at the time taken to study and check out and memorize the curves of everyone except the one standing next to you....
I speak only for me when I say... Jessica Simpson is very pretty... I do not know what you are talking about that women (and only us women?) hate her.. I do not know her... I can not possibly hate her.... again... it might be that a woman is venting... but? she is mad at the guy who is drooling over a "jessica" instead of over her....
I ate horrible this week?
I ate so much this week it's freaking the **** out of me..I had lots of fatty high calorie junk...I had icecreams lots of it, fried chips, Mcdonalds, cookies and tons of chocolates..I did walk everyday but still I feel like a fat cow..I'm 5'4.5 and around 100 pounds..how do I clean my system and start all new??
First chill yourself, don't stress about it. Those foods are like crack, and your an addict. Stay to your walks and just start eating better again, don't do anything drastic you'll just mess with the natural process that can clear this for you. Just drink plenty of water and keep your walks up, eat healthy, if you fall back off, get back on asap, it's part of the process, so don' t stress it. You will only make matters worse ( your setting yourself up for, or already have a eating disorder).

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