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Where can i get torrents for gay themed movies?
i can never find gay gay themed torrents, and really want some movies. especially some stuff by TLA Releasing. also, does anyone know another good group that does gay themed movies?
There are many free websites out there that are mainly dedicated to gay torrents movies/tv shows/porn etc like,
How do you download off gay-torrents?
Instruction on how to use gay-torrents
There should be a help section.
How do I get invited to
I've been trying to get into this site for a long time, having to get members at other sites for proof of age awhile ago, now it just says closed unless you have an invitation. Does anyone know how to get an invite? This site better be stunning for all the cr*p they put your through.
It is. LOL!

Email me, I may be able to help you.
Why won't the torrents work when I download from
I click the download button and I can't play it.
Then I tried utorrent and bittorrent and they didn't work help!
Because they're gay torrents.
I want to download online torrents for gay porn on the internet?
I need some legit titles and which torrents sites are the best for these movies. Please take this serious. Thanks
*** hole
How do you get invited to
I tried to register for but it said I needed a password. Is the site even worth it? If it is, how do I get the invite? Thanks!
it may take a few hours, it was automatic when i joined. they have a few thousand movies, half porn, half drama and tv
Can someone please invite me to gay torrents net?
I've been waiting for a week and still no confirmation email : (

I'd highly appreciate it :)

boo =]
How do i get an invite to
I use to be a member and now I need an invite to get back with the site. Can any one help me?
Send me an email and ill invite you. But please make sure to keep your ratio up.
Can anyone send me an invite for
I used to be a member of Gay torrents but then i somehow lost it. Didn't use it for a long time. Now i want to re-join but it asks for an invitation key. Can anyone send me one?
sorry man i have no idea what ur talking about i would help if i could thats why im here
Does anyone know any gay movie torrents?
Movies by Sammy Case, Kyros Christian, also the Broke Straight Boys DVD - Volume 1&2 if possible and Phillip Ashton and any Eurocreme, Philippe Delvaux, Andrew Olayton any new gay porn movie torrents or any new straight porn doesnt matter really or a good porn torrent site or
loook for kristen Bjorn movies those are hot!

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