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What to do if you are a straight women that likes lesbian love making?
I am a straight women but I really enjoy lesbian porn and have even thought about visiting the famous bunny ranch to have an experience because i am so interested it in. I have never admitted this to anyone in my entire life. I know I am straight because I am extremely attracted to men and have never been attracted to any women in person. I only find myself attracted to the women I see on TV etc. Is this normal? I don't know what to think or feel about all of this.
I can definetly relate to this -this is just like me!
I am totally straight, have feelings and attraction towards men not women, but I enjoy scenes with nude women & enjoy exploring their sexuality on the internet.
I would say this is pretty normal, you're just bicurious.
Seeing women naked and the thought of being with them sexually sometimes sounds and is much more appealing.
The women body is very beautiful and we should all be able to explore it. I say just keep doing what you're doing
-theres nothing to be ashamed of & nothing wrong with this.

At first i was a bit ashamed & confused, but realized that when exploring women porn online, i learned more about my own body & sexuality.

I would also like to experience lesbian love making; I don't think that you are bisexual, since again, you have no feelings for women, but bicurious in the sense of finding pleasure with both men & women sexuality.

Just seeing two women online kissing makes me want to jump right in and take my clothes off, but I can't imagnie actually having a relationship with a woman.

Keep it up, girl!
Making love to a lesbian stud?
I am falling in love with a stud. But I am so scare to make love with her. How do I please her and make her feel good. I do not want to be a pillow princess. I love the taste and scent of a woman. Please do not judge me. Just give me some advice.
ima stud myself nd all studs are diff..me personal will let a grl go down but ion do no penitration type shii.
sum like to get pleased (orally nd other ways too) nd others dnt nd get pleasure frm pleasin da grl..den its sum dat dnt like it wen da grl is over aggressive, bein dat da stud (usually) is da dominant one of da relationship.
but really dats sumn yu should ask ha nd den yu will knw wha she like nd dnt like
For lesbians, when making love with your partner that you are hopelessly in love with?
is it an experience of just getting consumed by guyhood wonder and purity? I am lesbian but have never had a girlfriend or anything. But I can just sense that two adult women terribly in love sharing their nudity and having sex just makes them feel hopelessly close and bonded consuming them with that certain special absolute guyhood purity like that of an absolutely innocent and pure guy going out and experiencing the magic of life and freedom for the first time in his very existence. Is this typically how lesbian women feel when they make love?
Love itself can *sometimes* be seen in such terms as you use.

But both making love (sex) and ongoing, mature relationships run a full range of experience. The magic is not just in those moments of intense joy but in the entire tango of two souls negotiating a shared space - the ups and downs, the joy and the tears. It's not just the pinnacle but the entire journey.

Yes, there will be some intense joys, but be prepared for the hurts as well. Mature love doesn't stay at rest on a pedestal.

Why is a view of lesbians making love generally appealing to everyone, but..?
A scene of two men making out is generally only appealing to gay men?
Society is more exposed to women as being the more beautiful sex, and women are used generally to express beauty in all aspects. So both men and women are used to seeing the nude form of the woman than they are to seeing nude men. Basically the sight of women nude is appealing to both sexes, whereas nude men are not appealing to everyone
Lesbian love making sessions ????
When lesbians have sex, does one normally take on the 'male' role......meaning wearing a strap on, etc ????
Not all lesbian couples are butch and femme, some are femme-femme. In women that are androgonous which is not high femme but not butch, they like to recive and give of the toys. Usually femme women won't wear a strap its usually all about them. Butch usually are all about pleasure of their partner. But like I said usually doesn't mean always. The women who look and act like men usually take the male role in the relationship. Not always though. There is no direct guide to what a lesbian does or doesn't do. No bi-laws anywhere. As for me I'm an andrognious lesbian and so is my girlfriend. We both enjoy being pleased and giving pleasure. So depending on the mood and the event depends on who is going to wear the toys, or if we even use them at all.
Lesbians? Is talking or asking about how lesbians make love a taboo subject?
We talk and ask questions about sex, woman's bits and how heterosexual couples make love but when we ask about lesbian love it all goes quiet, Why is that? How do lesbians make love? I have no idea.
If we can't ask questions that are on our minds, and things are shut out from us, what is the whole purpose of even getting out of bed...?
We are all around here to learn, and others to "teach" and educate what we don't know about.
Once these "rights" are taken away from us, it ceased to be a FREE world...
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Why do some males enjoy watching lesbians making love and want to join in?
whereas most women would find the idea of two men making love in front of her rather unpleasant
because most guys are pigs. but what bothers me more then that is that most guys are fine with lesbians because they're "hot" but they absolutly hate gay people. ugh how hypocritical can you get?

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