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Lesbian sex in gym shower????????????????????????…
I joined an all girl gym and the toilets have no walls and the showers don't either they have these tables and I saw one girl helping another girl put in her tampon then they started having sex then after I had worked out I got in the shower and I didn't care if any girl saw me naked then this one really hot chick who had huge breasts asked if she could join me cause she didn't want to waste water so I said to go ahead then she was grabbing me and said we can share it was as if she was the queen of the room because before she told every one to get out and after they were all gone she locked all the doors she turned the shower stetting to one very high presured stream then she put my legs around her neck and put the water on my pu$sy and and turned it as hot as It could be and then startde licking my pu$$y she fu(ked me for about 3 hours then she gave me her number and said text me when you need a good fu(king

So I have three questions
1: ever scence the shower I see a girl and emidetly look at her B00BS like there is a girl at my school she has huge B00BS and she caught me looking at them during gym (she has to tight of a top) and now every day in our classes we have together she always wants to work with me but that day in gym she came to me in the shower every one know she's a lesbian and she anounced a long time ago she's gana make me a lesbian too. So she got in the shower with me and whisperd she saw me looking at her B00Bs. Then she grabbed my hands and put them on her bare b0obs and I started squeezing then she made me squeez harder so insted I laied her down and started fu(king her so should I just make it official that I like girls

2 should I go with the girl from my gym, the girl from school, or both and not tell the other


3: should I keep my lesbian stuff a secret or tell every one

Please no sarcasam or saying I'm gross I need real help thx
How old are you?
Email me and I can help
Hot lesbian sex in the shower?
Why do you people click on this question. You are soooo dirty. Lol Someone requested me to ask this question.
Can I watch?
Better still, if I can join in...
Hot lesbian sex in the showers?
why do ppl only answer a question if it has a dirty title?
this is the second time i answer a question of yours
i think a big percentage of people use yahoo to have fun so dirty question are one of the funn questions
Is it normal to dream about having lesbian sex?
(I am a girl) I'm totally straight but I have really sexy dreams about girls. Like the last dream I had was that me and my friend were taking a shower together and....You get what happened...I've only had 2 dreams about sleeping with guys before and I am just wondering if it's just normal to dream about such things? Thanks~
oh yes, i remember once having this dream about this amazing hot lady in black stockings and suspenders kissing me on the sofa of her apartment and rubbing between my legs, when i woke up i was coming, it was great, my own hands were there but wow! what a dream!
I had a dream that I had lesbian sex? what does this mean?
last night I had a dream that I lost my virginity to a girl.
what does this mean?? and there was blood on the bathroom floor. we had sex in the shower! I don't know who the girl was :S
Naah it probz doesnt mean your a lesbian. It happens because your curious about stuff like that. Dont look too into it, and worry urself too much =)
I had lesbian sex... kinda? am i officialy a lesbian now?
ALL TRUE I AM NOT TROLLING!!! Read my earlier post for more information please. Sorry its long... read it all.

in my last question i asked if i was bi and many people said i was just bi courious by watching lesbian porn, but i wanted to experiment. so last night i watched lesbian porn for the first time and i only liked the dry humping part. Today one of my really good friend that i've known for years came over. my parents knowing im responsible left us alone for a few hours well they had to a baby shower. I then went to asking my friend what she thought about being a lesbian and she said "i don't know..... i mean i'm not against it and all" I then told about me watching lesbian porn the night before and she was really surprised. Felling really horny i asked her if she wanted to watch it. She was hesitant but replied sure. So i went to you tube and looked up lesbian porn/sex. The ladys in it started kissing and humping each other and the proceeded to get naked. this really turned me on and it seemed to turn my friend on really to. I asked if she wanted to try it but with our clothes on and everything she said i guess. we started making out and dry humping each other really hard and she seemed to be enjoying it a lot. after about 10 mins of that i had a orgasm and it felt soooo good (i had never had one before) i then took of her shirt and bra and sucked her boobs and then i fingered her. before we knew it we were humping on my bed both naked. After about 2 hours of doing it i heard my parents car pull in and we stopped. i didn't want to and either did she.

Shes spending the night and we wanna do it again are there any moves you suggest?
Also does this mean were official lesbian?
you are bi curious which is fine....but you should also try it with a guy before you just come out of nowhere saying your lesbian.
Is this coserded lesbian sex?????????it hink it dose!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!???
So my sister is 23 and I'm 22 she took me too this lesbian bar and they had "girl auctions" it was christmas time and this girl was ontop so I asked my sis if I could get her she would be a good friend (she thought I meant more than a friend but I didn't) she got taken down and when I bought her she thanked me cause aparently the top of the tree was in her vagina and hurt she said the year before some 60 year old lady had bought her and another girl and with her waterproff video camera videod them having sex in there she went into detail
-(here are the deatails)
- she said that it started off as the other girl putting hot jett stream water on her vagina then the old lady got in and made her chew on her vagina and the other girl chew on her breasts she made them do the same thing to her vagina as she got it with the water and had the other girl sit on her face so she can chew and be chewed on it was gross
-then I let the girl go home and my sis said she was done and we could go when we got to the car for some reason I was really horney she must have known I was because she put us in the back seat (she had a surburban) she told me to get naked then get in the passanger seat she got naked and got in the driver seat when I got up there she pulled me on her and we started having sex now everyday she and I have sex like 13 times or something like that one time is in the morning before school in the shower ,then before we get dressed, when we get home from school in the shower, right after we shower, before our parents get home, before dinner in the shower befor dinner, on the table (our parents are cool with us doing it there),during dinner (it sounds weird but its fun) after dinner on the table,on the stairs,three times in the shower right after the shower, and at midnight (yes we do that everyday)
- what should I do cause I enjoy it but we always do it in the car when ever we have time like during lunch at school (we have lunch together)

Please help what should I do
i really don't think this is a real question...during dinner and your parents are ok with it? i don't think so!
Getting ready for lesbian sex?
I need help, I mean I know you should shower and shave but why else? Perfume? Help PLEASE.
i just wanna say i love you! ha

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