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Percentage of girls that come out of high school virgins ?
i think like 15% mayb come out of high school virgins, girls are losing it earlier and earlier these days.

what do you think ?
A study showed that 28 percent of the girls left high school as virgins!
What percentage of high school girls that are not virgins?
I really want to know because it seem like most girls aren't virgins. My friend ex-girlfriend lost her virginity at age 13(wow). I only want to lose my virginity to another virgin girl. This way I won't feel insecure. Also this shows that the girl isn't slutty.
I'm 16 and proudly a virgin:)

But approximately half of teenagers are having sex these days :/
What do high school girls like more virgins or non virgin?
What would you rather perfer,a totaly hot cool guy whos a virgin or a hot cool guy whos not?

please say grade and if you are virgin or not
I'm a virgin... And I'd prefer a guy who's a virgin...
I'm 16. Not sure of the grade cause I'm not from America, lol. ZOMG I'm so funny and non-American lol.

Cool. Gap.
Do girls think its a good thing when a guy tries to stay a virgin even through his high school years?
im a virgin. never kissed a girl. dont drink. dont do drugs. im just a good person.and i really want to stay a virgin all through HS but my brother says its almost impossible. i mean its not like i dont want to have sex, but i have high morals and have high expectations and dont wanna deal with the drama. so the question is do yall think its good to stay a virgin through HS?
I think its a very good thing. You only can be a virgin once in your life so why not save it. I'm waiting till marriage. I have a boyfriend and I kiss him but I won't go all away. There is nothing wrong with kissing. So I think that is a very rare special quality in a boy when he has high morals like you. Remember you are the type of guys that don't make the whole male gender so mean. Don't change your morals for anybody. You're a very unique person.
Why are high school girls snobby?
I remember back in high school a lot virgin girls were really snobby to girls who did loose their virginity. I don't see the point in being snobby about that. I mean it's just your virginity we're going to loose it sometime. I don't see why girls in high school put themselves on a pedestal because they are virgin? People come sexually mature are different ages. Some are ready at 16 and some are ready at 21. What difference does it make in the long run?
I'm a High schooler and Im not Snobby.

=] some ppl feel differently and dnt really care.
Why do the girls at school make fun of me for being a Virgin?
Well I go to an all girls school, and to put it simply, half of my year are whores.
Anyway I'm 15, and I'll be 16 in a few weeks.
They call me a 'loser' and 'geek' because I haven't lost my virginity to some horny teenage guy -_-"

Personally, I think they are waay to young to be having sex, because the time I expect to actually become sexually active is when I've finished college, uni, at least gotten a job and moved out of my parents house.
They told me that guys won't like me because I am a virgin, so yeah...why do they act like this?
They are jealous. A lot of guys i have seen on here like virgin girls so you just know what you want in life and ignore them. You won't have pregnancy, getting into trouble or any sexually transmitted diseases. I know what i want in life and that is to get my degree and then get a job and when i get married, sex will come in then. I am 22 and a virgin.
Why do certain girls get pregnant in high school?
i am 16 years old and i'm a sophomore in high school and i see so many pregnant girls. i don't understand why some girls purposely don't wear a condom. is it fun having a baby in high school? i mean i have a boyfriend and i am not planning on having sex with him because i know that i don't want a baby in high school. is it uncool to be a virgin in high school? i don't get it.
it depends on your school and on you. yes it does feel alot better without a condom thats why some girls (including me) dont make their guy wear a condom. in some schools social standing is dependent on virginity. but if you lost it too early or have sex too many times you are a slut. but if you have a boyfriend you really care about (my boyfriend and i have been dating for almost 2 years) is ok to have sex if you want to. and some guys just want to have sex no matter what the cost.
How do guys in high school feel about sweet hot girls who are virgins?
So there is this guy and he is a year older than me and definitely not a virgin. we have class together and we talk like in a group. he thinks i am very sweet and innocent and he told me that he thinks i am hot. Do you think i turn him off because i am a virgin or does that turn guys in high school on? but remember he is not a virgin
thank you for your answers!!!!!!!!!! :)
I like those girls exactly. Girls like this give me the feeling that I can have a long term relationship with them, and not just expect them to get bored and run off.

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