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Why mature women are smoking cigars very much?
I noticed that most mature women in 40 to 50 are smoking cigars very often. Why is that?
Why does it matter? Does it bother you? Does it intrigue you? It certainly is a silly thing to think about as much as you do, it seems.
Gentlemen, what do you think of women smoking cigars?
i enjoy a cigar every once in a while. my husband does not like it at all.
i do not find smoking cigarettes attractive in the least bit, i think cigarettes are absolutely disgusting, but there's just something about cigars. i love the smell and the taste.
oh yea. makes you real sexy. every guy lives the smell of a woman reeking of cigar smoke, a real turn on.
What are your thoughts about Canada's women hockey team smoking cigars,and drinking beer on the ice ?
Shortly after winning the game,the women were photographed smoking cigars,and drinking bottles of beer and skating on the ice as part of their celebration for winning the gold medal round.Any thoughts? Opinions?
I've read a lot about this, and arguments on both sides. First, I believe that they should of course be allowed to celebrate. They just won the gold medal in their own country, and it's their national sport. However, they were expected to win all along; their only true competition at all was the US so It's not like an extraordinary feat, and so the "over the top" celebration to me seemed very unsportsmanlike. My issue though was not the celebration, but that it was done on the ice when there we still people/media around. They should have kept it in the locker room. It's unfortunate that the media got a hold of it, but that's what the media does. Whether, or not, the IOC has a right to say how athletes act on their own time is debatable, but it's not new. This team is not being singled out.

Also, I have heard comments from some that believe they should be stripped of their medals. This is ridiculous. They earned them and people have done a lot worse and not been stripped, so that's not going to happen.
Women smoking cigars: hot or not?
How do you feel about women who smoke cigars (on occassion)? I've recently grown a fond liking, but feel like it may not be a very femine enjoyment!
It is disgusting. It stinks, it smells, it reeks, and its just out and out sick.
What do you think of women who smoke cigars?
What do you think of women who smoke cigars? Not all the time, but a few times every couple of months.
If a woman wants to smoke a cigar then she can smoke a cigar, as long as she isn't pregnant as it would be harmful to he developing guy. Other than that I don't think cigar smoking is necessarily a "man thing". With saying that I personally don't like dating women who smoke tobacco, but its not up to me to judge anyone as I sure that there are habits I have that a woman might not like.
Yes or No? Do you think women who smoke cigars are attractive or do you think it is a ugly disgusting habit?
Why wife quit smoking cigarettes and now smokes cigars and inhales them ughhh.... i too smoke an occasional cigar when i play poker... but i feel it is gross for women especially when it is a daily occurance. Do you agree or disagree
I personally find smoking in general to be an unattractive habit, but I think it's a bit tacky for ladies to smoke cigars. A friend of mine smokes them and it embarrasses all of us when we go out in a group and she lights up. It seems like a more "masculine" way to smoke, if there even is one.
Would women find me attractive drinking beer and smoking cigars naked?
I have flat abs and good muscle tone.
Not only would I find you attractive, I'd insist on bearing your guyren.
What can I do, my mom is smoking cigars inhaling smoke for years, daily i noticed she feels very dizzy???
My mom is 50 years old heavy chain-smoking woman for years. She was on her 3 packs a day habit with no intense to quit or cut it down. In a recent years she started to smoke cigars on a daily purpose, smoking a lot of cigars every day, she is inhaling smoke very deeply and says that she likes big smoke that fills her inside. I noticed that she often feels dizzy and constantly out of breath, but she says she is ok. She is always coughing a lot very hard.
Is it normal for woman to smoke cigars like that ????
COPD(chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder), emphysema or heart failure starting up? she should get checked by a doctor....

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